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What we do

London Probation – our pledge to Londoners

London Probation is a law enforcement agency. It is part of the National Probation Service which, together with the HM Prison Service, makes up the National Offender Management Service. Probation staff work with offenders to protect the public and reduce re-offending. They deliver sentences of the Courts through credible and effective community punishments including programmes to change offending behaviour.

Risk assessment and management of offenders, including prisoners released on licence, is essential to public protection. An important part of London Probation’s work is with victims of crime to ensure their views are represented.

Many of London Probation’s activities are inter-agency. As well as the Prison Service, our key partners include police; courts and sentencers; the Crown Prosecution Service; government agencies such as health, employment and education; local authorities and the Greater London Authority; voluntary and private sectors; and victims and communities.

Image: Probation Officer works with an offender Image: Groupwork exercise
Image: Court scene Image: Drink Driving
Image: Groupwork exercise Image: Probation Officer works with an offender